The Vision

Vision:      Advocate. Educate. Accumulate.  As advocate ARCSP will become “the voice” of suicide prevention in the Arctic. As educator, ARCSP will successfully grow programs and services designed to build awareness and educate gatekeepers, survivors and service providers on suicide prevention.  The center will actively accumulate the very best resources on suicide prevention, becoming a repository for the Arctic.

Mission:  Preventing suicide by empowering gatekeepers and survivors.

Values:     Hope. Holistic. Safe. Consistent. Accessible.

Rationale. ARCSP will house any & all resource material related to suicide so as to be the best Suicide Prevention training library possible. As such, it will gather not only book resources but people resources. It will be a hub of communication regarding suicide & its prevention so that differing & diverse efforts can be better coordinated & utilized. 

Strategy. ARCSP is located in Fairbanks, Alaska – the threshold of the Arctic. Such a setting will make it the first Suicide Prevention Center in the Arctic on United States soil as well as the only one in Alaska. As a resource library, ARCSP will focus training efforts first on the Fairbanks North Star Borough; second on the villages of the Interior; third on the circumpolar north. Anchorage will be our other major relational & training focus. By connecting these two cities – the two largest in Alaska – over half of the state’s population can be effectively reached. 


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