Teen Media Camp: Suicide Prevention

Often young people are the forgotten mourners during times of loss, during a critical time of development. ARCSP desires to honor the voices of our youth. We are recipients of a grant from The Alaska Community Foundation for Teen Suicide Prevention this spring and matching funds from Fairbanks North Star Borough Health and Social Services Commission for the purpose of holding a Teen Media Camp this summer!  During this week long day camp youth will explore safe media messaging, be trained in suicide prevention, learn how to safely share their own stories and produce a video for use on social media. Alaskan youth can experience healing for their losses through sharing their stories in a supportive community.

live4loveWe will find ten compassionate youth ages 14-19 and five local youth leaders from various agencies and youth groups to participate in our camp.  We are also contracting with Seed Media in Valdez, Alaska for production of the video.  Linda Setterberg, ARCSP Board President, will be camp coordinator and will conduct pre-camp interviews to gain insight into the motivation and readiness of each participant. Please contact her at arcspdonate@gmail.com for an application for the camp to be held June 29-July 3. Apply by June 12th!

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